The Leak Experience

The Leak Experience

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There is Nothing more Rare, nor more Beautiful, than a Woman being Unapologetically Herself; Comfortable in Her Perfect Imperfection. To Me, that is the True Essence of Beauty.

- Steve Maraboli

The Leak Experience is an aspiring nonprofit organization whose goal is to:

  • Empower
  • Unify
  • Educate

  • Support
  • Encourage

  •       Uplift
  •       Promote Femininity

We do this by educating on proper feminine hygienic care by using our life experiences to positively impact our community. We also provide feminine hygiene supplies for girls and women who do not have the resources or support to acquire these essential items.

We recognize that empowered women not only enhance their community but the society as a whole. Hence why we focus on the mental, spiritual, and physical needs of women and girls in our community and around the world.

One of our goals is to empower as many women and girls as possible so that they could go out into the world and spread a positive influence on individuals that we may come in contact with.